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Set your makeup with powder

By Francesca A · May 1, 2010

Powder? You mean baby powder?
Nope. There are different types of powders, but I will explain to you later on. Powder is used to set your make-up, which in this case, your setting the concealer and foundation. You can also use powder for touch up later in the day.

Types of Powder
Pressed/ Compact Powder
This type of powder is compressed into a piece of cake. It is less messy compared to loose powder.

Picture courtesy of Lancome
Take your powder brush/ sponge and lightly swirl the brush into the powder. A little powder is all you need to set your makeup. Do not load your brush with alot of powder or else your face will look cakey. After swirling your brush into the powder, start patting the powder onto your face. Pat, because you what your powder to stay where it should be.

Loose Powder
This type of powder, as the name suggests, is in its uncompressed form. Loose powder tends to be a bit messy if you apply your makeup on-the-go.

If you're using a powder brush, pour abit of the powder from the container into it's cap. From there, use your brush and pick up all the powder from the cap. Remember! A bit of powder will do! After picking up the powder with your brush, pat onto the face.

If you're using a powder puff, place the puff near the holes where the powder will be dispensed and turn upside down! Remember, a little will do. Again, pat the powder onto the face.

After comparing pressed/ compact to loose powder, now we are going to compare translucent to pigmented powder.

Translucent Powder
Translucent powder has very little colour compared to pigmented powder. Not saying that the powder has a clear colour but the powder does not change your skin tone. It can be used to blot the face and to set the makeup.
Picture courtesy of Laura Mercier

Pigmented Powder
Pigmented Powder has colour. Applying too much of the powder can change the skin tone.

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